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Kwesi & Eddie 

We worked alongside each other at Queens Park Rangers Football Club; delivering a unique and forward thinking performance program devised by the technical director Chris Ramsey.

During our time together in Academy Football we spent many hours on tours, and consultancy work in Europe, Asia and USA.

For me trips to Belgium and Holland to clubs responsible for developing players such as Kevin De Bruyne and Frankie De Jong whilst Eddie ventured to South America to delve into the style and football culture responsible for creating players such as Neymar Jr and Sergio Aguero

Eddie and Kes

Our aim is to develop individuals to the top level with methods that go way deeper into the scientific and social aspects of human development than ever before – in addition of course, to the tactical, technical and physical elements.

Kwesi and Eddie
Kwesi and Eddie Coaching

Here’s the JusBall Performance Team – they’ll advise, train & support you

We are a team of passionate and experienced professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We are results driven, with experienced teachers that will help unleash your true potential performance. We look forward to working with you.

Doctor Kes
Doctor Kes Lead athlete mentor
Kes is a UEFA A licence coach learnt a unique methodology in the depths of the labs in Holland and Belgium relating everything to neuroscientific research always helping us to evolve the reasons of why we do what we do.
Multi-Action Eddie
Multi-Action Eddie Lead athlete mentor
UEFA A licensed coach Eddie is all action. Touring the whole of South America in search for new methodology and coaching concepts Eddie evolves our player development programs every day with his love for action and energy.
Never goes Loong
Never goes Loong Athlete mentor
Loong likes to keep the ball on the deck growing up pretty much in a keep ball session on Mabley Green astro coach Loong is the possession king!! He never goes long and has a unique ambition for developing our athletes.
Mentality Mike
Mentality Mike Lead athlete mentor
A UEFA B licensed coach is all about mentality. Running 500 miles in one month to raise money for charity, there’s nothing that can shake mentality Mikes spirit and determination to succeed in the game.
Coach Nat Nat
Coach Nat NatCoach
Born in Hackney, starting at Interwood and joining Hampstead FC as an attacker.
At the age of 8 he was scouted and given the opportunity to trial for Arsenal but shortly after that he was signed with Tottenham until he was 14.
Non-stop Zayn
Non-stop Zayn Coach
Non-stop Zayn is non-stop, always coaching always learning he never takes a day off!!! Coaching 363 days of the year the grass is the only place you will find this athlete mentor.
Eye in the sky Isaac
Eye in the sky Isaac Lead Analyst
Always watching from above Isaac is our lead analyst. Currently refining his trade at Queens Park Rangers FC he holds the responsibility behind the scenes breaking the games down of our professional athletes helping us to give bespoke visual feedback.
Heart and Sol
Heart and SolCoach
Coach Solomon is all heart and Sol, he loves the game he loves to train, and he loves to teach. A young student athlete and athlete mentor coach Solomon is a true lover of the beautiful game. Born and raised in Highbury coach Solomon is a die-hard Arsenal fan who misses watching his team in the champions league!
Flexible Dan
Flexible Dan Athlete mentor
Dan possesses not only a flexible body but also a flexible mind. Psychology Graduate and semi-professional footballer Dan is a devout Vegan and is open to all things that elevate the mind body and spirit.
Coach Golden gets his nickname Goose from his peers, always happy always energetic and enthusiastic about learning he is the bright spark of the group. Blessed with natural intelligence and a unique way of looking at the game coach Golden is a great ideas bank for new ways to learn and maximise talent.

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